“Atanimaliza Na Hii Kitu Yake kubwa Ya Punda” , Mjengo, Nyeri Woman Divorce’s Husband Over Huge “MJULUS”

In the Mjengo area of Nyeri County, a woman recently filed for divorce from her newlywed husband, citing an unusual reason – his well-endowed manhood. The mother-of-three and housewife sought the dissolution of her marriage due to the considerable size of her husband’s genitalia, locally referred to as MJULUS, as reported by local sources.

Their divorce was promptly granted after just one week of legal matrimony, adhering to Kenyan law. The woman revealed that she entered into this marriage after her previous one had encountered difficulties.

Following local traditions, the bride moved into her husband’s parents’ house before settling into her new home. However, it was only when the couple consummated their marriage that the wife claimed the distress began.

Expressing her discomfort in court, she stated, “It’s strange; I can no longer find pleasure with him. His MJULUS is unbearable; it’s too large for me. I can’t continue with this anymore.” The court, following her plea, granted the divorce, providing relief for both parties.

After their initial intimate encounter, the woman sought advice from her mother, who, in turn, provided her with medication. Recounting the conversation, she said, “I told my mother about the experience, but she advised me to endure, assuring me that with time, I would be able to cope. She then gave me some pills.”

Despite the attempt to reconcile, the woman insisted that subsequent encounters were “too much and too painful.” Consequently, the couple decided to end their marriage, as no medication could salvage their relationship.

The accused husband did not dispute the allegations, confirming that both parties agreed to dissolve the union under the condition that his dowry and the money spent during their courtship were repaid in full without delays.