Prince Mwangi: ‘Becky’ series 11-year-old rising star who is a business owner

Prince Mwangi Kariithi, popularly known as Jeff, is an eleven-year-old rising star in the Kenyan TV series ‘Becky’.

He is currently studying at Parklands, balancing his education with a blossoming acting career.

Prince Mwangi began his acting journey at the tender age of three. He honed his skills at Gifted Kids, a club dedicated to training young talents and preparing them for auditions.

Becky actor Prince Mwangi Kariithi ‘Jeff’

This early start laid a solid foundation for his acting career, which has seen him appear in various projects, including Netflix productions and numerous advertisements.

In the TV series Becky’Prince plays the character Jeff, the son of the lead actors Andrew Levi and Lucy Maina.

Despite the competitive nature of the audition process, Prince’s talent shone through, earning him the coveted role. Jeff is portrayed as a caring, loving, smart, and obedient character who transitions from a rural setting to a mansion and back.

This role has significantly boosted Prince’s popularity, making him a household name.

Becky actor Prince Mwangi Kariithi ‘Jeff’

Prince holds a special bond with his fellow cast members, mentioning that he cherishes his relationships with Junior, Becky, and Maureen the most.

One of the main challenges Prince faces is waking up early for shoots. His day starts at four in the morning, with his aunt taking him to the set.

Additionally, he said in a past interview, that reading and memorising scripts, especially when they are lengthy, can be daunting.

Fortunately, his parents and aunt provide support, helping him navigate these hurdles.

Becky actor Prince Mwangi Kariithi ‘Jeff’ with his onscreen parents Andrew Levi ‘Junior’ and Lucy Maina ‘Becky’

Prince’s family, including his parents and brothers, are immensely proud of his achievements.

His fame has extended beyond the screen, with children and adults alike recognizing him as Jeff on the streets.

This recognition and adoration have significantly impacted his social life, with many people wanting to be his friend at school.

Becky actor Prince Mwangi Kariithi ‘Jeff’ on set with his onscreen dad Andrew Levi ‘Junior’

The role of Jeff in ‘Becky’ has opened numerous doors for Prince.

He is now involved in charity events and has ventured into entrepreneurship with his brand, Cake By Jeff.

These opportunities have allowed him to grow both professionally and personally, expanding his influence beyond acting.


Prince looks up to renowned personalities like Lupita Nyong’o and Blessing Lung’aho, drawing inspiration from their success and dedication.

Becky actor Prince Mwangi Kariithi ‘Jeff’

He aspires to become a journalist like Jeff Koinange, admiring his confidence and presence.

Prince’s hobbies include watching movies, drawing, and playing football, reflecting his well-rounded personality and diverse interests.