I worked at an M-pesa shop and I was conned 120 KSh but this is what I did

My name is Veronica and last year after I completed my form four, I decided to look for a hustle so that I could save enough and join campus. Through my sister’s friend, I was able to get a job as an M-Pesa attendant where I could get KSh 5,500 as my monthly salary and since I was still living with my parents, that money was more than enough. Depressed Black Woman Images – Browse 91,318 Stock Photos, Vectors, and  Video | Adobe Stock

However, a month ago, a certain guy, who had come to the shop a couple of time asked me to deposit KSh 6,000 in his phone. He seemed in a hurry and he, a few minutes later, asked me to stay with the money until the time he was going to come back.

An hour later, he gave me a call and told me to instead deposit KSh 120,000 since he had gotten an emergency. He told me he would come to pay up the money as soon as he was done running errands. I was a bit hesitant but another man who pretended to be my boss called me and told me to deposit the money since the guy was a regular customer.

I therefore did it and two hours later my boss came to the shop to check how the business was doing and I told him the guy he had asked me to deposit money to had not shown up yet. That was when hell broke loose since he denied ever asking me to send money to the guy. Sad Black Woman

We tried calling him but all the phones he had used were all off. My boss was so mad at me and told me he had given me 24 hours to look for the guy and return back the KSh 120,000. I tried the guy’s number all night but it was switched off. It then dawned on me that I had been conned.

My boss called me in the morning and told me he would send policemen to come to arrest me if I did not find the con since his business was on the verge of sinking. I told my mother about what had happened and she told me the only to catch a con was through Doctor Mugwenu’s spells.

Early next morning, we went to Doctor Mugwenu’s workplace in Nairobi and he cast a spell that would help us catch the con and sure enough after few hours, the guy who had conned me called me and told me life had become miserable for him since his manhood had become so huge and painful and was being tortured by voices ordering him to return my money. He sent me back the money and before I could let him off the hook, I asked him for an extra KSh 20k for making me go through that torture and he sent it all.

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