KRG the Don Says He Spends Over 4.8 Million In His Kid’s Education -

KRG the Don Says He Spends Over 4.8 Million In His Kid’s Education

Dancehall sensation KRG the Don recently took to his social media platforms to reveal the substantial amount he invests in his children’s education, stating that he spends over Ksh 4.7 million.

In his post, KRG the Don shared, “I have children studying in Nairobi. One of them costs me Ksh 700,000, another one requires Ksh 600,000, and the third one’s education costs Ksh 300,000.”

He further elaborated, “And there’s another child who is about to start school. If you calculate the total quickly, for one child, it amounts to Ksh 2,100,000 per year, while the other child costs Ksh 1,800,000, and the third one requires Ksh 900,000.”

Additionally, KRG the Don mentioned, “The youngest, who is three years old, will soon begin his education, and I will keep you updated on the details.”

KRG the Don is no stranger to making controversial statements. In a recent video, he criticized those who complain about rising fuel prices, suggesting that they should be grateful for not having cars and being able to walk.

His statement has garnered mixed reactions online. Some netizens find him insensitive, while others speculate that he might soon resort to requesting financial assistance.

Here are a few responses from social media users:

“Who is this light-skinned guy trying to lecture us while he’s just like us in the market! By the way, who is he in Kenya?” – EmmyAlwar.

“Tomorrow he’ll be asking for a pay bill! Laughing out loud! Keep begging because ‘we,’ Kenyans, never forget!” – LouiseAkoko.

“Let’s remain positive, everyone. If God hasn’t blessed you with a car yet, maybe He appreciates your walking style.” – DJGuchy.

“Nowadays, we don’t wait for someone to come down the stairs; we climb up to get what we need and throw it back down. Play with us too, man!” – MTU.