Mercy Kyallo Opens up On Dating Wababas, ” I couldn’t Post Them Because People Would Judge.”

Mercy Kyallo, the sister of Betty Kyallo, recently shared details about her past relationships, specifically dating men who were significantly older than her. During an interview with radio presenter Massawe Japanni, the Kyallo sisters discussed their romantic lives and whether they had ever been involved with older partners.

The youngest sister, Gloria Kyallo, revealed that she had never dated an older man, which brought relief to Betty. However, Mercy candidly admitted that she had been involved with older guys in the past.

Gloria fondly recalled how Betty used to refer to one of Mercy’s elderly ex-boyfriends as “Babaa.” Betty acknowledged that Mercy’s former partner did indeed resemble an older individual.

“He really looked like an older man. And his name was ‘Babaa.'”

Mercy went on to share more about her experiences with dating older men. She explained that she refrained from publicly acknowledging these relationships due to societal stigma. She expressed her apprehension about being harshly judged and the reluctance to post pictures or share memories from those relationships.

“A few years ago, I kept my relationships very private, and although we had amazing memories and beautiful pictures, I never posted them. They remained on my iPhone, slowly aging. You know, sometimes it’s difficult to post pictures of older guys because you know people will judge you and talk about you.”

Mercy further explained that she refrained from posting about the older men she dated because some of them were married or involved in polygamous marriages.

More recently, Mercy Kyallo revealed the face of her boyfriend, whom she had kept hidden for a while.

During the interview, Betty Kyallo also discussed her relationship with former Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho. Betty revealed that Joho had taken care of her financial responsibilities for an entire year, and Mercy added that he had inquired about how best to support Betty.

Betty clarified that they parted ways amicably, contrary to reports by various media outlets that Joho had repossessed the famous Porsche Cayenne.