Meet Nigerian artist Madi, Diana Bahati’s lookalike

The cyberspace has been buzzing lately with a viral video featuring Nigerian Afrobeat sensation Qing Madi alongside Kenya’s renowned celebrity and content creator, Diana Bahati, sparking rumors of their striking resemblance.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Diana Bahati shared the video of her alongside Qing Madi, accompanied by the caption, “Hold up! Just stepped onto the set for Mr. Right and everyone’s like… ‘Dee, you’ve got a doppelgänger.'”

“Whoa! I mean, seriously?! Does Qing Madi from Nigeria bear a striking resemblance to Diana B? I’m leaning towards a yes, especially from the profile,” she added.

Prompting her followers for their opinions, Diana received an overwhelming agreement from her fans.

“I legit thought it was you for a sec,” read one comment.

Betrinaalpha also chimed in, noting, “With makeup on, you both have a similar vibe.”

A section of her fans speculated that the video could easily be mistaken for a throwback of Diana Bahati before her rise to fame and fortune.

However, Qing, who has been making waves with her latest chart-topper ‘American Love,’ is yet to address the comparisons.