Vera in Tears as Brown Mauzo introduces his new girlfriend, Kabinga Jr

Kenyan singer Brown Mauzo has embarked on a new romantic journey shortly after parting ways with his former partner and mother of his two children, Vera Sidika. Mauzo left his fans speculating about a potential romantic involvement with Kabinga Jr, a close friend of Otile Brown, when he posted a brief video on his Instagram account, showing the two of them sharing an intimate moment.

In the video, the two lovebirds were seen strolling together while wearing matching outfits, a clear sign of their close connection. Brown Mauzo took to the caption section to express his affection for the captivating video vixen, leaving no doubt that they are indeed a couple. He shared heartfelt words, saying, “My goal is to build with you, grow with you, and marry you. I am not dating to waste time. I see everything I want in you, my love.”

Prior to this post, he had also expressed his commitment to the new relationship, revealing, “She turned to me and said: ‘Hold me.’ So I dropped the world I had been holding and picked her up with both hands. For her, I want to be the best, and I don’t want these emotions to fade.”

The news of their breakup was announced by Brown Mauzo on social media, citing the impossibility of continuing to live together with Vera Sidika. In response, Vera Sidika shared a photo of herself aboard a plane and playfully mentioned that she preferred “catching flights” over “catching feelings,” leaving her next destination up for speculation.

Stivo Simple Boy, however, speculated that the newfound love between Brown Mauzo and Kabinga Jr might be a publicity stunt. Regardless, he made it clear that even if the breakup was genuine, he had no intentions of dating Vera.

It’s worth noting that earlier in the year, Otile Brown and Kabinga Jr had sparked dating rumors shortly after Otile Brown’s separation from his Ethiopian girlfriend, Nabayet. Otile Brown was captured on video having a relaxed moment with Kabinga Jr in a swimming pool. In the video, Otile Brown praised Kabinga’s attractive physique and acknowledged her stunning beauty. The two had collaborated on various projects in the past, with Kabinga frequently appearing as a video vixen in Otile Brown’s music videos.