A 24-year-old man recuperating after he chopped off his manhood and threw it away.

A 24-year-man was admitted in critical condition at Tenwek Mission Hospital in Bomet County after chopping off his private parts using a kitchen knife while drunk.

Linus Kiplangat Rono was rushed to the facility subsequent to being found writhing in pain by his mother.

As per Kiplabotwo chief Geoffrey Korir, the mother found that something was not right when she saw the son limping around the their compound.

On inquisitive, the chief said, the young fellow revealed to his mom what he had done to himself.

The village administrator said the mother alerted neighbours who came to the rescue of her son, rushing him to the hospital immediately.

The chief expressed endeavors by local people who interrogated the young man on why he chopped off his manhood didn’t bear any results as he was still high on drugs.

Korir revealed that the good samaritans surged the young man to Longisa hospital where he got medical aid prior to being referred to Tenwek medical hospital for treatment.