” Petrol 1 Litre to Be Raised  to 1K Ndio Matajiri Tujuane”Grandma Who Purchased 70K Petrol Says.

A renowned and widely recognized grandmother, who gained viral fame during the COVID-19 period, has once again captured the online spotlight. This time, it was sparked by her humorous interaction with a petrol attendant, where she boldly requested fuel worth Ksh.70,000.

Known for her comedic wit and penchant for delivering savage remarks and jokes, this grandmother is the proud mother of the well-known brand influencer and fitness enthusiast, Adigo. Adigo, in the past, served as the CEO of Obinja TV.

In a recent encounter with a content creator, the grandmother was probed about the economic situation in Kenya, particularly addressing the escalating costs of petroleum. When asked for her thoughts on the current petrol prices in Kenya, she responded with her characteristic quick wit.

Unfazed by the economic challenges faced by many, she humorously suggested that the government should further raise the price of petrol to Ksh.1000 per litre. According to her, this increased rate would serve as a means of distinguishing the affluent individuals within the country.

Confidently, she expressed, “Nataka hii serikali ipandishe petrol hadi ksh.1000 per litre ndio matajiri Tujuane” (I want the government to raise the price of petrol to Ksh.1000 per litre so that only the rich can be identified).