Popular Luo Ohangla Musician’s Wife Dies After Tiktoker Predicted She Would Die During Childbirth

Tragedy struck as Lorine Achieng, known as Jaber Nyar Onagi on TikTok and the wife of renowned Ohangla artiste Silvance Odhiambo, lost her life during childbirth at Mama Lucy Hospital. The untimely demise of Achieng left her family and friends in profound shock.

The somber incident took an unsettling turn when it was revealed that a TikTok user had eerily predicted the tragic outcome just days before. Achieng, a fervent supporter of her husband’s music, utilized her significant social media presence to promote his work. Social media influencer Kelly Ken Rodgers Odinga shared in an exclusive interview with that Achieng had faced complications during labor, leading to her tragic passing.

Amidst the grief and shock surrounding Achieng’s death, it is imperative to redirect attention towards providing support to her grieving husband, family, and friends. The loss of a loved one during childbirth is a heartbreaking tragedy that necessitates empathy and understanding. Speculating on the impact of social media predictions may not contribute constructively to the healing process.

A dark cloud loomed over the situation as one of Achieng’s followers had expressed disapproval of her pregnancy, foretelling doom during delivery in a chilling comment: “I promise you that you will never make it to the final labor room.” The circumstances surrounding Achieng’s demise have left many in the community perplexed and questioning the potency of spoken words.

As family and friends grapple with the shock, there is ongoing debate about whether to take the predicted comments seriously or dismiss them as unrelated to the tragic event. In the midst of this uncertainty, the focus remains on supporting those affected by the loss and fostering a compassionate response to the profound grief experienced by Achieng’s loved ones.