Women in Kajiado invade a 10-acre miraa farm and uproot all plants, claiming their husbands are ‘zombies’ because of it

Enkorika Police in Kajiado County are currently probing an incident involving a cohort of women who trespassed onto a 10-acre farm, belonging to Lucy Kennedy, and uprooted all the miraa plants. Lucy Kennedy, who inherited the farm from her late husband, expressed dismay at the actions of what she described as hundreds of Maa community women who obliterated her means of livelihood without any valid reasoning.

“I am a widow, relying solely on this farm to support my children’s education. The authorities must swiftly apprehend those responsible for destroying my crops,” Lucy Kennedy lamented, as per The Star’s report.

The women involved in the farm invasion argue that miraa consumption has detrimentally affected their husbands, likening the substance to turning them into “zombies” and causing financial strain due to excessive spending on the plant and alcohol consumption. Additionally, they claim miraa consumption has led to sexual performance issues among their spouses.

Selina Parit, one of the women involved, alleged that a recent death of a teacher from Nalala School was a result of miraa consumption coupled with alcohol. However, Lucy Kennedy refutes these claims, dismissing them as unfounded. According to Lucy, the teacher’s demise was due to a family altercation, not miraa use.

Lucy asserts that she generates a weekly income of KSh20,000 from her miraa crop, primarily selling it in Kajiado town and Isinya, rather than Enkorika.