14 celebrities who attended the most expensive schools in Kenya

Education is frequently praised as a powerful tool for promoting equality, as it equips individuals with knowledge, skills, and prospects to pursue their aspirations and achieve triumph.

In Kenya, there exist a number of prestigious schools that are celebrated for their exceptional academic standards, comprehensive development programs, and influential alumni networks.

These institutions not only provide outstanding education but also cultivate an atmosphere that nurtures personal growth, fosters character development, and offers invaluable networking avenues.

Within this blog post, we shall closely examine some of the renowned Kenyan personalities who had the privilege of attending some of the most costly schools in the country.

These establishments have become synonymous with distinction, shaping the lives and professional trajectories of numerous influential figures across diverse industries.

Attending an expensive school entails more than a financial commitment; it signifies an investment in one’s future, granting access to quality education, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive environment that fosters talent and potential.

The experiences and opportunities provided by these schools have played a significant role in shaping the paths to success for these celebrities.

  1. Winnie Odinga – Rusinga School & Brook House High School
  2. Janet Mbugua – Brooke House High School
  3. Madtraxx – St Andrews Turi
  4. E-sir – Brook House
  5. Jeff Koinange – St Mary’s School
  6. Murugi Munyi – Makini School, Brooke House & St Mary’s School
  7. Lupita Nyong’o – St Mary’s School
  8. Nick Mutuma – Braeside School 
  9. Waihiga Mwaura – St Mary’s School & Rusinga School
  10. Michelle Morgan – Hillcrest International School
  11. Edith Kimani – Hillcrest International School
  12.  Ian Munene (Almasi) – Brook house
  13. Ann Kiguta – Rusinga High School 
  14. Size 8 – Hillcrest International School