Kisumu Drama As Pastor’s ‘MJULUS’ Relocates To His Forehead After Chewing Kamba Man Wife

It is indeed ironic when one expects a person of religious authority to exemplify ethical behavior, only to witness actions contrary to these expectations. Such was the case with Daudi Ng’anda, a 46-year-old pastor hailing from Kisumu, whose behavior shocked a large gathering when his indiscretions came to light.

The incident, which occurred three weeks ago, sparked a flurry of reactions among Kisumu residents. According to reliable sources, Pastor Ng’anda, once regarded as a paragon of virtue within the church community, tarnished his reputation with a regrettable act that left many astounded. A deacon, whose identity remains undisclosed, disclosed his suspicions regarding his wife’s infidelity, setting the stage for the startling revelation.

“After years of marriage, I noticed a sudden change in my wife’s behavior. She began exhibiting secretive tendencies, such as changing her phone’s password frequently and sneaking out of the house to take calls,” the deacon recounted. “These signs led me to suspect that she was being unfaithful.”

The deacon’s suspicions came to a head during a Friday night vigil, or “kesha,” which his wife was scheduled to attend. Although he did not initially accompany her to church, he became alarmed when she failed to appear within the congregation. Frantic attempts to reach her by phone proved futile, prompting him to investigate further.

“I decided to visit the pastor’s residence, as he too was conspicuously absent from the church,” the deacon explained. “To my dismay, I overheard unsettling sounds emanating from the pastor’s house, with voices uttering phrases like ‘ingiza pole pole ni tamu aki’ (insert slowly, it’s sweet) and ‘tukishikwa itakuwa aje’ (what will happen if we get caught). I was utterly devastated. To think that the pastor was involved with my wife – it was beyond comprehension.”

The revelation of Pastor Ng’anda’s involvement in an affair with the deacon’s wife shattered the illusion of moral rectitude that had previously surrounded him. The incident served as a sobering reminder that appearances can often be deceiving, especially when it comes to those entrusted with spiritual leadership.