TikToker Brian Chira: 'I have been living with HIV' -

TikToker Brian Chira: ‘I have been living with HIV’

Kenyan TikToker, Brian Chira, recently revealed that he is HIV positive. In a video, the 20-year-old shared his status, saying, “I am Brian Chira, and I am HIV positive.” He then showed his antiretroviral medications. Brian also shared that he lost his mother at eight years old and his aunt when he was 20.

Brian made the video to shed light on the reality of living with HIV. He stated that many individuals are living with the virus and taking medication behind closed doors, but they always have a smile on their faces. Brian revealed that he comes from a family where three girls were born, and they no longer care about his well-being.

Brian’s HIV status has not been well-received by some people. He shared that he had to run away from hotels and alight from matatus because someone recognized him. Brian has also faced violence and disownment from his family. He feels that he has no one to turn to and is just trying to make a living as a small man.

Brian is not the only content creator who is living with HIV. Other creators who have publicly disclosed their status include Joji Baro, a controversial Kenyan gospel artist who is a self-confessed HIV positive homosexual. Richard Amuok, a veteran rapper associated with the popular Hip-Hop group Ukoo Flani, also revealed the woman who infected him with HIV/AIDS. Frigacy, an upcoming artist, was one of the first Kenyan celebrities to publicly announce that he is gay and HIV positive.