2 Brothers Die by Suicide After Father Marries Ex-Wife

In a distressing event that shook the community of Kapsilibwa village in Sagamian, Narok County, two siblings tragically took their own lives in what appears to be a mutual agreement.

Vincent Kipkorir Koech, aged 19, and Gilbert Kibet Koech, aged 17, made the grave decision following a heated dispute with their father, David Towett, regarding the allocation of land.

Towett had recently assigned a portion of land to his first wife, who had returned to the family home after an extended period of separation. This decision was met with strong opposition from the brothers, who even went as far as threatening violence towards their stepmother and father.

Furthermore, investigations revealed that both brothers had previously been involved in criminal activities, including theft from local places of worship.

Law enforcement officials processed the scene of the incident near the Amalo River, and the bodies were subsequently transported to Longisa County Referral Hospital Mortuary for further examination through postmortem procedures.