Pastor disgraced, forced to marry dead fiancée after he allegedly aborted her pregnancy without her consent.

A pastor has been forced to marry his dead fiancée after he reportedly killed her while attempting to get rid of her pregnancy.

The lady, Success Chioma and the pastor identified as Emeka Sunday are said to have dated for five years and plans were already made for the wedding when the incident happened.

The family of Chioma in a statement said that she told her boyfriend about the pregnancy who refused to accept the baby and told her to abort but she refused.

Sunday is then said to have invited her to his place and offered her a drink laced with abortion pills without her knowledge.

Chioma became unconscious and the pastor rushed her to a hospital and went on ahead to ask the doctor to terminate the pregnancy which the doctor refused but the man insisted.

Chioma started vomiting the blood and was advised to transfer her to the FMC.

At FMC, Sunday registered her with a different name andd notified the family.

Chioma is said to have died before her family arrived at the facility.According to a statement, the pastor is said to have confessed to drugging Chioma.

The family then went on ahead and forced the pastor to marry Chioma before her funeral.