Nikikufa leo, Nurse Msichana Asijaribu Kunishika MJULUS’ yangu Pastor Ng’anga Gives his Death Instructions

The controversial Neno Evangelist, Pastor James Ng’ang’a, has once again sparked a heated debate, this time due to a video circulating on the internet where he outlines specific conditions for how his body should be handled by nurses upon his death. Ng’ang’a boldly asserts that no medical professional should touch his private parts, even in death… CONTINUE READING

In his own words, he declares, “These young ladies will not touch my privates when I’m dead. Imagine coming to see Ng’ang’a and discovering he had such a big bleep.” Ng’ang’a envisions a scenario where his private anatomy becomes a topic of discussion even after his passing.

The video, however, did not sit well with a number of fans and celebrities, including popular entertainer and comedian Dj Shiti. Expressing his discontent, Dj Shiti took to social media after the video was shared on Edgar Obare’s BNN blog. Shiti criticized Ng’ang’a for his inappropriate choice of words in a public setting.

According to Dj Shiti, there should be consequences for the Evangelist, emphasizing that Ng’ang’a is misusing his platform. Shiti strongly believes that Ng’ang’a’s actions are tarnishing the sanctity of the gospel, questioning whether Ng’ang’a is more of a bishop or someone involved in adult entertainment. Shiti advocates for severe measures to be taken against Ng’ang’a for his indiscretions.