Manzi Wa Kibera on Why She Likes Her 70 Year old Boyfriend -

Manzi Wa Kibera on Why She Likes Her 70 Year old Boyfriend

Manzi wa Kibera took her new relationship to the next level by introducing her 70-year-old boyfriend to her TV fans. The couple was welcomed with open arms when they appeared on NTV’s Gumzo la Sato show. The studio was filled with cheers and a standing ovation from the guests.

Manzi’s boyfriend celebrated his 66th birthday just a week prior, and she referred to him affectionately as her teddy bear. On social media, she shared how much he means to her and how much her love for him grows each day.

The couple’s relationship started when Manzi was in the news for proposing to Peter Salasias, the MP for Mumias East. Salasias declined, but Manzi’s current boyfriend took her number and they hit it off. Manzi says she missed her target with Salasias, but she got an even better replacement with her current partner.

The identity of Manzi’s boyfriend remains a mystery, and she has stated that it will be revealed when he is ready. For now, she is simply enjoying this new chapter in her life with her significant other by her side.