Here is the Reason Why Nelly ChepKoech Cancelled Her Wedding in the last Minute

Nelly Chepkoech, a Kalenjin woman on the verge of marriage, unexpectedly called off her wedding at the last minute, and she has now disclosed the reason behind this abrupt decision.

She explained that her planned wedding was derailed due to delays in obtaining necessary letter approvals, which were crucial for proceeding with the ceremony.

“Today was supposed to be my wedding day, but yesterday we were informed that the wedding couldn’t proceed due to delays in obtaining the necessary letters. We had eagerly awaited this day, and the unexpected turn of events has left all of us, myself included, in shock,” Nelly shared.

The heartbreaking news took a toll on them, catching them off guard and resulting in tears from both sides. Nelly revealed that she remains at home, feeling uncertain and lost about her next steps.

Upon conducting thorough research into the cause of the wedding cancellation, the truth emerged about the couple, Nelly Chepkoech and Amos. It was discovered that their courtship was considered too short, spanning only six months. According to the pastor, this brief period raised concerns, and he believed they needed more time to get to know each other before proceeding with the wedding.

“Yesterday, around nine in the morning, I spoke to the pastor who was to officiate the ceremony. That’s when I was informed that their marriage wouldn’t proceed because they are young, having known each other for only six months,” clarified Nelly’s father.

Nelly’s father, after confirming the pastor’s decision, approached Amos’s family and presented five cows and some money as a gesture of appreciation, despite the unfortunate outcome.