Netizens Go Wild As Guardian Angel 33Yrs Touches His Wife’s Esther 55yrs Nyonyo***s In Public

“Is it necessary for someone to bring their feelings into enjoying the fruits of the Holy Spirit?” A netizen inquires about a viral photo featuring Guardian Angel and Esther Musila.

The expression of love can take diverse forms, occasionally necessitating a public display for the world to witness the profound affection between two individuals. This is precisely the path chosen by Kenyan gospel artist Guardian Angel and his cherished wife, Esther Musila, who openly celebrate their love.

Recently, they shared a series of heartwarming photos that ignited both admiration and criticism on social media platforms. In a collection of selfies posted by Esther Musila on her social media accounts, the couple exuded joy and contentment. The images portrayed Guardian Angel standing behind his wife, placing his hands tenderly on her left and right shoulders in separate photographs. Their infectious smiles clearly conveyed their happiness and deep bond.

Captioning the photos, Esther Musila wrote, “The quality of our day is determined by the quality of our thoughts.” This caption appeared to mirror their shared philosophy of spreading positivity and love through their actions and words.

Nonetheless, as is often the case with social media, these photos drew criticism from some netizens. One individual compared the couple’s actions to those of other public figures, remarking, “Are you now imitating the behaviors of Amber Ray and Rapudo? Is breast-holding necessary?” Esther Musila, evidently affected by the comment, responded with a touch of sarcasm, retorting, “Are you missing your own breasts, or are they causing you pain?”

Another commenter playfully referred to Guardian Angel as a “Ben 10” and implied that Esther Musila was like his “mother.” Esther responded with humor, saying, “Certainly! Are you volunteering?” Her response clearly demonstrated the couple’s willingness to embrace their age difference and love each other wholeheartedly.

One netizen remarked on their audacity, stating, “This person isn’t afraid of curses,” to which the 53-year-old accountant replied, “If curses concern you, I apologize. This isn’t about us.” Despite the criticism, numerous social media users came to their defense, commending the couple for openly expressing their love and happiness. Some emphasized that love transcends age boundaries and that Guardian Angel and Esther Musila should be free to celebrate their affection for each other as they see fit.