From Edday Nderitu to Size 8: 5 celebrities who endured infidelity and stayed committed -

From Edday Nderitu to Size 8: 5 celebrities who endured infidelity and stayed committed

Women often find themselves in a difficult position when faced with infidelity in their relationships. Despite the emotional pain of betrayal, some women choose to stay in the hope that their partner will change. However, it is important to recognize that a cheater tends to perpetuate the pattern of infidelity, and in some cases, it becomes an ingrained habit. While optimism can be a driving force, it is important for women to assess the feasibility of real change in their partners and to prioritize their own emotional well-being in the process.

In Kenya, there have been instances where numerous male celebrities have been embroiled in infidelity scandals, but their partners have chosen to stand by them. These women are the epitome of commitment, embodying the ‘till death do us part’ mentality. Here are a few examples:

Edday Nderitu, the wife of musician Samidoh, has persevered amidst tears and online criticism for the past three years. Their marital turmoil began when it was revealed that Samidoh had a 15-year extramarital affair with a senator named Karen Nyamu. Despite Karen giving birth to Samidoh’s child and his public apology for his infidelity, Edday chose to forgive him and continue their relationship. However, the situation became more complicated when Karen became pregnant with Samidoh’s second child. Amid the ensuing shame and drama, Edday has chosen to stand by her husband.

In 2020, gospel singer Size 8 showed a surprising and loving response when faced with allegations of infidelity from her husband DJ Mo. The couple found themselves at the center of a storm when an alleged ‘side chick’ shared alleged intimate chats and explicit photos of DJ Mo with blogger Edgar Obare. The revelation deeply affected Size 8, who had a meltdown on camera when confronted by DJ Mo. However, there was a change of heart after Size 8 shared her realization of the Lord’s goodness in her marriage. She spoke of how adversity can strengthen individuals and relationships. The mother-of-two has vowed to stay strong with her husband despite another alleged case of infidelity in 2022.

Milly Wa Jesus and her husband Kabi attracted considerable attention when Kabi was exposed for neglecting a child he had fathered with his first cousin. He later revealed that he had fathered the child before he found salvation and met his wife Milly. Kabi also categorically denied ever having cheated on Milly, claiming that he had never cheated on his wife and that with the grace of God, he would never do so. Milly has chosen to stand by her husband despite the situation.

Nimo Gachuiri, the wife of gospel singer Mr Seed, was involved in an affair that took place a few years ago when he cheated on his wife. The first incident of Mr Seed’s infidelity took place before their official wedding. The couple eventually tied the knot in a modest traditional wedding in August 2019. However, in 2022, there was another incident of infidelity where the singer was exposed as a deadbeat. Despite the cheating scandals, Nimo has managed to stay in the relationship.

Milly Chebby, the wife of comedian Terence Creative, known as ‘Kamami,’ was faced with her husband’s open confession of infidelity. Terence took responsibility for his actions, acknowledged his infidelity and admitted to cheating on Milly. However, he expressed remorse and said that the experience had taught him a valuable lesson. He assured that he and Milly would deal with the matter together in due course. Despite the scandal, Milly Chebby’s relationship with Terence has surprisingly strengthened.

In conclusion, while it may be tempting to stay with a cheating partner in the hope that they will change, it is

important to recognize that infidelity can be a pattern that is difficult to break. Each woman’s decision to stay in a relationship after infidelity is a personal one that should prioritize their emotional well-being and the feasibility of real change in their partner. It is not a decision that can be easily made from the outside looking in.

The examples of Edday Nderitu, Size 8, Milly Wa Jesus, Nimo Gachuiri, and Milly Chebby demonstrate that forgiveness is a powerful force that can enable couples to work through their problems and emerge stronger. However, it is important to note that forgiveness does not mean condoning or excusing infidelity. It is also crucial for couples to address the underlying issues that led to infidelity and seek professional help if necessary.

Ultimately, each woman deserves to be respected and loved in a relationship. If a partner repeatedly cheats, despite their apologies and promises, it may be time to consider moving on and finding someone who will prioritize their commitment to the relationship.