Man Who Went to the UK as a Gardener Builds Multi-Million House for His Widowed Mother

Kenya is currently abuzz with pride and inspiration, courtesy of the uplifting tale of Silas Owiti, a Kenyan gentleman who, four years ago, ventured to the United Kingdom to work as a gardener….CONTINUE READING

The heartwarming twist in Silas’s narrative unfolded when he chose to use his hard-earned salary and savings to construct a beautiful home for his widowed mother back in Kenya.

This heartening news was shared on Facebook by Muga ka Muga, who eloquently captured the essence of Silas’s extraordinary journey.

The Facebook post conveyed, “Silas Owiti went to the UK four years ago as a gardener. He has used his salary and savings to construct a good house for his mother, who is a widow. From grass to grace. Congratulations wuod Nyakach.”

Swiftly, this post transformed into a symbol of hope and inspiration across various social media platforms, with Kenyans commending Silas for his unwavering dedication and commitment to enhancing his mother’s living conditions.

The phrase “from grass to grace” aptly encapsulates the sentiment that Silas’s journey represents, resonating with individuals who strive for success against all odds.

Comments from social media users further underscore the impact of Silas’s story:

Evangelist Lukas Tunje Ministries: “Some people know how to tap blessings.”
Violet Chanyisa: “I hope the villagers aren’t watching this, fearing those people.”
Oyomo Everlyne: “I love people like this! They give first priority to their parents instead of building mansions for themselves, yet their parents stay in filthy houses. Congratulations, Silas.”
Charles Maroa: “Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️, bro. To remember your mum, that is a lot of blessings!”