‘Dawa ya balloon ni sindano’ – Karen Nyamu explains why she loves slender Muchoki alias “Samidoh”

Karen Nyamu, a UDA-nominated senator, recently took to social media to express her love for her baby daddy, Samuel Muchoki, also known as Samidoh. Nyamu posted a photo of herself working out at a gym while lifting small weights and cautioned her fans about making jokes about the weights she was lifting. A fan commented on Nyamu’s post, saying that she loves the small weights just as she loves Samidoh, who is also “small.” The netizen went on to say that Nyamu likes a man who is slender in physical appearance.

Nyamu admitted that she couldn’t agree more with the fan who described her ideal man as someone with a slender physique. She added that only a “needle could pierce a balloon,” which is a figurative expression of sexual innuendo. Nyamu’s admission that she likes a slender Samidoh comes in the backdrop of a recent allegation that the singer has a “third wife.”

Critics were quick to troll Nyamu after blogger Edgar Obare shared a video claiming that Samidoh has a side chick. Some netizens teased Nyamu, telling her that Samidoh had “married” a third wife. Nyamu told off the woman, asking her if her husband married her that way (as a third wife). In a quick rejoinder, Nyamu laughed off claims that Samidoh has a third wife while responding to another user’s comment.

Nyamu’s post shows that she is open about her relationship with Samidoh, despite the criticism and rumors surrounding it. It also reveals that she has a preference for a certain physical appearance in a man. While some may criticize her for this, it is a personal preference that she is entitled to.

In conclusion, Karen Nyamu’s social media post about her love for Samidoh and her preference for a slender physique in a man has sparked a conversation among netizens. While some have criticized her, she has remained unbothered and continued to engage with her fans.