Samidoh Replies To Fan Saying He’s A Weak Man When It Comes To Women

Popular musician Samidoh has become a household name not only for his music but also for the constant spotlight on his romantic affairs, involving his wife Eddy Nderitu and his baby mama, Karen Nyau.

In a complex web of relationships, Samidoh and Eddy Nderitu have three children together. On the other hand, with Karen Nyamu, he shares two kids. His marriage situation took a dramatic turn a few months ago when he announced Karen Nyamu as his official second wife, a decision that did not sit well with his wife, Eddy Nderitu.

She made her stance clear, that she would not raise her children in a polygamous marriage, especially with Karen Nyamu.

Eddy Nderitu made a once in a lifetime decision and moved to the USA with their children, where they started life afresh as she chose to prioritize her children’s well-being and her own happiness.

Hours ago, Samidoh took to his Facebook page while in Kirinyaga County, sharing thoughts about the people of the region.

It was during this post that a follower commented, acknowledging him as a great personality to spend time with, despite his “weakness in women.”

“Bro you are a vibe despite your weakness with women!”

The comment did not go unnoticed by the singer, who decided to respond. He acknowledged the accusation of being weak when it comes to women, offering a surprising admission.

He also accepted his perceived weakness, stating that if he were as strong as the fan believed himself to be, they would be in the same class, which he found somewhat pitiful.

“Imagine. na ningekua mstrong kama wewe ningekuwa mahali uko saa hii aki niombee kabisa!”

With humor, Samidoh took a lighthearted approach and suggested that the fan keep him in their prayers, with the hope that he would become stronger in matters of love, much like the netizen evidently believed himself to be.