‘Mambo Na Kitanda Ni Tricky’ Eve Mungai on Why it Took Long Before Partying Ways With boyfriend

Eve Mungai, the former partner of the renowned YouTuber Trevor, recently shared insights into their breakup and the obstacles they encountered during their relationship. In an upcoming interview with Andrew Kibe, Mungai disclosed her longstanding desire to part ways with Trevor, yet she grappled with the fear of losing him.

Their relationship spanned over two years, during which they gradually grew apart, driven by divergent life aspirations. Mungai expressed her discontentment and feeling of entrapment, but the courage to initiate the breakup eluded her. She cited their intimate bond as a significant factor that made severing ties “tricky.”

“Mambo na kitanda ni tricky,” she remarked. “You know when you have shared intimacy with someone for an extended period, the attachment becomes profound. It feels like an indissoluble bond, like owing them something. However, deep down, the awareness of our incompatibility and my own unhappiness persisted. I knew I deserved better, but the fear of solitude, of starting anew, and of causing pain held me back. That was my predicament with Trevor.”

The tipping point arrived when Mungai discovered Trevor’s infidelity through social media. Confronting him led to initial denial, followed by admission and pleas for forgiveness. Hurt, betrayed, and enraged, Mungai decided to end the relationship.

“I felt utterly betrayed, like he had taken me for granted, disrespected me, and wasted my time,” she recounted. “He played with my emotions, lied to me, cheated on me, shattered my trust, and broke my heart. I knew it was over; I knew I had to leave. And so, I did.”

Post-breakup, Trevor assumed control of their joint YouTube channel, leaving Mungai with nothing. Starting afresh was daunting, but Mungai resolved to carve her own path.

“I had to begin from scratch, establish my brand, create content, and cultivate my audience,” she shared. “It was a grueling journey, marked by hardship and pain. But I was resolute in my determination to forge ahead independently. And I succeeded.”