Dj Fatxo Releases a Gospel Song, "Thanks For Helping My Heart Rejoice Again." -

Dj Fatxo Releases a Gospel Song, “Thanks For Helping My Heart Rejoice Again.”

Mugithi sensation, Dj Fatxo, has finally unveiled his highly anticipated track ‘Ngatho’, marking his triumphant return to the music scene. This momentous release follows his recent acquittal by the DCI, where he was cleared of the murder charges that had been brought against him.

‘Ngatho’ is a soul-stirring Kikuyu thanksgiving anthem, through which Fatxo expresses his profound gratitude to his God for guiding him through the darkest moments of his life. With lyrics like, “My heart humbly offers thanks and praises for restoring joy within me,” the song beautifully encapsulates his journey of overcoming adversity.

Thrilled by his unexpected comeback, Fatxo’s fans have eagerly awaited his return to the industry. They have flooded social media with congratulatory messages, expressing their elation and offering their heartfelt appreciation for his resilience.

It is essential to note that Dj Fatxo was embroiled in controversy when he was initially accused of murder following the tragic demise of a young man named Jeff at the singer’s residence. However, the DCI thoroughly investigated the matter and ultimately concluded that there was no evidence linking Dj Fatxo to Jeff’s untimely death. According to the official report, it was determined that Jeff had tragically taken his own life, contradicting the claims of foul play. Nevertheless, some individuals still harbor resentment towards Dj Fatxo due to perceived inconsistencies in his statements during an interview with Massawe Japani.