” Nateseka Sina kitu, I Lost Everything King Roso Gave Me” Tiktoker Kalausi Cries For Help.

Renowned Kenyan celebrity and TikTok sensation, Kalausi Comedian, has recently opened up about his personal struggles and the challenges he’s faced on his journey through life.

In a candid interview with an online media outlet, Kalausi, known for his witty humor, shared his story of ups and downs. In the past, he enjoyed substantial success on TikTok, earning significant income through gifts from his fans. This success allowed him to transition away from his previous job as a Mkokoteni operator and even afforded him the luxury of purchasing a car. However, his fortunes took a sudden downturn.

Despite receiving generous gifts, including monetary contributions from fans like King Roso, Kalausi encountered financial setbacks. He disclosed losing a substantial amount, approximately Ksh. 300,000, due to complications with his PayPal account. Despite salvaging some funds, approximately Ksh. 200,000, which he utilized to build a modest dwelling, his financial woes persisted.

Returning to the city, Kalausi found himself facing a stark reality as his income dwindled. Unable to sustain his wines and spirits business, it eventually collapsed. This marked the beginning of a challenging period for Kalausi, during which he was forced to sell off nearly all of his possessions.

Today, Kalausi finds himself in dire circumstances, struggling to make ends meet. He has reached out to the Kenyan public for financial assistance, hoping to secure the means to sustain himself in the city.