List! - TikToker Kinuthia TO expose celebrities hitting on him in Kenya -

List! – TikToker Kinuthia TO expose celebrities hitting on him in Kenya

TikToker Kinuthia has shared that he regularly receives love advances from both male and female celebrities through direct messages (DMs). In an interview with Muranganewspaper, the popular cross-dresser stated that while he appreciates the attention, he is not currently looking for a serious relationship. Kinuthia, who is known for dressing like a woman, wearing makeup, and meticulously grooming his nails, has attracted a wide range of messages from various people, including celebrities.

While Kinuthia acknowledged that some celebrities send him inappropriate messages, he stated that he has not exposed them because they have been respectful in their approach. “The good thing is that they come with some respect, so I am protecting them,” he said, adding that some even send him naked photos. He did warn, however, that if he wakes up in a bad mood one day, he may choose to expose them.

A few months ago, Kinuthia also cautioned women to control their partners who were sending him messages. He stated, “Stop showing your husbands and boyfriends my videos, I see them in my DMs and I can’t resist good things.”

In a past interview with Nicholus Kioko, Kinuthia shared that if he were to date someone, it would be someone with money. He stated, “All I want is someone who has money. I do not want someone who is looking for money right now, their time has passed.” When asked if he prefers a man or a woman, Kinuthia stated that he is open to dating anyone and that he never thought such a day would come but now he is open to announcing it.