“I like the way you have sex with me, you are better than your own nephew sweetie,” I heard my wife tell my uncle when they were both having sex during a family party

My name is Kinja and last month, we had a family get-together where all members had gathered together as we always did every other year.

We always met to drink and eat together and also discuss things that were pertinent to our family. So, on this particular day, we went together with my wife since I was the firstborn in our family and I could not miss such an event. After arriving, my wife joined other women to cook for the guests in the kitchen and I joined my brothers, cousins and uncles to slaughter a cow for the family.

In the evening, it was time to gather around so that we could all celebrate the great success of our family. Everyone gathered around the sitting room at around 9pm but when I looked around, I could not see my wife. I tried calling her to come for the meeting but her phone was off. I, therefore, resorted to go out and look for her.

I looked for her everywhere in the homestead but did not find her. However, I heard music coming from my uncle’s house and I went to check if she was there with my uncle’s wife. When I reached the front of his door, I heard sex moans and at first, I thought my uncle was enjoying some good times with his wife but I heard my name being mentioned,

“I like the way you have sex with me, you are better than your own nephew sweetie,” I heard my wife’s voice. I rubbed my eyes to ascertain that I was not dreaming and indeed I was not.

My paternal uncle was having sex with my wife and it was the most embarrassing thing ever. I called my elder brother since I did not know what to do. He advised me to call Doctor Mugwenu who would teach the two a lesson.

After I called him and narrated to him what was going on. He immediately cast a spell that would stick the two of the cheaters. As soon as he cast the spell both of them began screaming and saying they were stuck.

My brother and I entered the house and we caught them right in the act. They both started apologizing. They stayed in that stuck position for almost two hours. Doctor Mugwenu later unstuck them. They were talked to by the elders of the village and I later forgave my wife.

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