Betty Kyallo Finds New Love After Dumping Ex – Governor Hassan Joho, Shares New Wedding Plan

Betty Kyalo, a well-known media personality, made a significant splash with her highly anticipated debut on TV47’s “This Friday with Betty” on May 10th.

However, it wasn’t solely her return to the television spotlight that captured the public’s interest; Betty also dropped a relationship bombshell during her appearance.

In a candid conversation on “Bahari Ya Elimu” with Ali Hassan Kauleni, Betty hinted at the prospect of soon tying the knot, disclosing her happiness in a newfound relationship.

“My partner hails from the western region. I feel settled now and genuinely happy,” Kyalo expressed.

What resonated with many was Betty’s frankness regarding love and relationships, particularly for women in their thirties.

She underscored the significance of life experience, suggesting it enhances one’s capability as a partner. Betty’s acknowledgment of assuming a submissive role when deeply in love highlighted her dedication and affection.

“When I love a man, I go all out. I cook for him, I kneel for him, I massage him, anything. But it all stems from love. If I don’t love you, I wouldn’t do any of those things,” she shared.

Navigating love as a public figure hasn’t been without challenges for Betty, who has encountered both admiration and criticism online.

“I’ve been in this industry for 13 years now. I’ve learned to toughen up because some of the struggles people face in private, I face in public. It’s not easy, but I find ways to cope,” she remarked.

When questioned about wedding plans, Betty remained discreet, expressing a preference not to disclose too much.