Zari Hassan Says Men Should Forgive Their Women For Cheating

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan recently shared her views on the double standards women face in society through social media. Her posts have caused a stir online, with many people engaging in conversations about cheating and relationships.

In one of her posts, Zari urged women to cheat if it will benefit them since men also cheat for seemingly irrelevant reasons. She suggested that women cheat for a house, a piece of land, or a dream car. Her statement generated mixed reactions from her followers, with some agreeing with her and others condemning her views.

However, Zari later clarified that her intentions were not to push women to cheat. Instead, she aimed to highlight the double standards women face in society. According to her, women should not be judged for cheating to get what they want, and men should also forgive women who cheat, just as women forgive men who cheat.

Zari argued that cheating isn’t just physical but starts with seemingly harmless actions like accepting friend requests, liking photos, and sending heart reactions to someone’s social media posts. Her post sparked a debate about what constitutes cheating and whether it is acceptable to cheat if it benefits an individual.

Overall, Zari’s posts generated significant engagement on social media, with many people sharing their thoughts and opinions on the topic. While her views may not be popular with everyone, they have sparked important conversations about gender and relationships in today’s society.