“My wife sexualy assaults me whenever she feels like”- Nakuru Man Narrates.
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“My wife sexualy assaults me whenever she feels like”- Nakuru Man Narrates.

In most instances, when one hears of sexual assault, the mind automatically turns to a female as the victim.

Rarely will you hear men coming out to reveal that they have been sexualy harassed or assaulted.

A Nakuru man identified as Martin Njoroge has seen it all in the hands of what he called a devil wife.

On an interview with Nation, Martin revealed that he has been facing sexual harassments silently for fear of stigmatization by the society.

Njoroge opened up after 6 years of silence but the scars on his face made him speak over what he has been going through in the hands of a woman he loves dearly.

He revealed that his wife sells Illicit brews in the slums of Kwa Murogi in Nakuru and when she is intoxicated, she hurls unprintable words and sexualy assaults him.

He added that the lady is very violent and barely a night goes by without her physically and sexualy abusing him but he maintains his silence.

“Instead of my wife hugging me in the morning when I leave for work, she abuses me as I step out of the door, she even throws utensils at me but as a man I have to be patient with her in hopes that she will change one day,” Njoroge told Nation.

The 39-year-old taxi driver added that he has never enjoyed his marriage but has high hopes that the wife will stop sexualy and physically abusing him.

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