Thee Pluto Girlfriend Puts On Sale" Mazda CX-5 "He Gifted Her During Pregnancy -

Thee Pluto Girlfriend Puts On Sale” Mazda CX-5 “He Gifted Her During Pregnancy

Felicity Shiru, a digital content creator, has put up for sale the Mazda CX-5 she received from her boyfriend Thee Pluto as a gift while she was still pregnant in September of last year. During her appearance on the Celebrity Ride show hosted by 2mbili, Felicity announced that she was selling the red car in good condition for Kshs2 million. Although the original price was listed as Kshs2.1 million on Instagram, Felicity confirmed that she was willing to sell it for Kshs2 million to potential buyers.

Despite her willingness to sell the car, Felicity declined to reveal why she was doing so, and whether she had plans to upgrade to a different model. When asked about the reason, she simply stated that she didn’t want to talk about it and that she would see what happens after the sale.

During her baby shower and gender reveal party, Thee Pluto gave Felicity the car keys and said he would gift her a car worth Kshs2.5 million. Felicity was initially skeptical about the gift and asked if he was serious, as they had joked about it before. She recalled that she didn’t react much because she was unsure of what was happening.