‘Kenya ni Drama na Ujinga Tupu!, See What Controversial Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Was Holding While Preaching


Nairobi is among the top cities in Africa where big churches are found. Many preachers are currently using churches to earn a living from poor Kenyans who are seeking the Kingdom of God.

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

Despite that, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru today continued with her service despite being injured. According to the photos which was shared on the social media platforms, the bishop was holding a walking stick which assisted her to pray for congregants. This has come after the government wanted to demolish certain part of the church.

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

“Thank you all for attending today’s service. The Word of God was preached with the demonstration of the power of the Holy Ghost; miracles took place and the joy of the LORD filled our hearts”, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru said