Karen Nyamu Speaks on Dating Sonko and Dead Millionaire, Jacob Zuma
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Trouser Chasing ,Karen Nyamu Talks on Dating Sonko and Dead Millionaire, Jacob Zuma

City lawyer and former Nairobi woman representative wannabe Karen Nyamu has addressed the grapevine zooming around that she had romantic connections to mercilessly murdered businessman Jacob Juma

She has additionally spoken with regards to her relationship with Mike Sonko.

Karen who was talking in an interview on Youtube says it was a shocker for her when she read about Juma links on the internet.

“I knew Juma but we did not have any romantic relationship,” she stated.

She conceded that the bits of rumors negatively affected her yet she has since garnered an intense foil around her persona and such stories don’t move her any longer.

“I remember crying on my way home after reading the story from blogs but not anymore,” she added.

Talking about her relationship with Sonko, Karen says she knew him and his family back during her school days when he ran the transport in Buru

Naming him as a truly unpredictable politician, Karen noticed that their relationship is still solid and the two have been staying in contact.

Talking on her present place of employment as a chief at Nairobi Water, she says the interviewing system was bona fide and Sonko didn’t have a hand.

The mother of two says she is still vying for a political seat yet didn’t reveal which one.

Her interview comes at a time whe she has a dramatic relationship with her baby daddy, artist Samidoh whom she as of late blamed for Physical violence

“I have been beaten. Women are stupid. We have to teach these guys a lesson. I have never experienced such (physical abuse), I only read about it. I am in shock. My daughter is in shock. She is crying,” claimed Nyamu at the time.

“I’m just three months pregnant. He knows I’m pregnant but he still assaults me. Somebody told him I was seen in Mombasa with a man as if all my colleagues are female,” she said.