Akothee Makes Her Mzungu Lover Take Cows To Grazing Field & Do Farm Work While She Dances

Esther Akoth, also known as Akothee, a renowned artist, recently took her followers on a captivating journey through her diverse farm in the countryside. Amidst her blossoming love with her German partner, she decided to give him a glimpse into her life beyond music by inviting him to experience her farm firsthand.

On the memorable day of September 28th, Akothee commenced their adventure by accompanying him to the farm situated adjacent to her opulent estate. Eager to share this experience with her fans, she captured their walk together and shared it on Facebook. To enhance the ambiance, she played a selection of her favorite ‘Lingala’ songs on her iPad, which was connected to a Bluetooth speaker.

Their first stop was the hen house, where they observed the well-being of the hens and gathered any freshly laid eggs. From there, they proceeded to the cowshed, arriving just in time for the cows to be released for grazing. Following suit, they joined in and led the cows to the expansive grazing pasture near the shed.

Leaving the barn behind, they ventured towards the banana trees to pick the ripe fruit. The couple radiated joy and excitement throughout their time on the farm, with the singer even expressing confidence that their partnership would contribute to their success as farmers.

In a Facebook live video titled “We’re cultivating our farm,” Akothee enthusiastically shared their farming endeavors, hinting at the prospect of becoming outstanding farmers in the future. She encouraged her followers to stay tuned, as they embarked on their journey towards becoming the next generation of agricultural achievers.