Nyeri High School Students Go On Strike Over Teacher Brutality

Students at Nyeri High School have gone on strike as reports indicate.

This comes seven days after it was highlighted an appalling incident of corporal punishment at the nationally recognized academic giant.

Reports say that the irate students mounted a revolt in the early long stretches of Monday, June 27, to protest rampant cases of teacher brutality at the school.

A parent who had before addressed us on Tuesday, June 21, raised significant worries of dynamic brutality meted upon students by rogue tutors.

She specifically brought up an event where a purportedly drunk teacher ruthlessly disciplined a group of senior boys for allegedly bullying their juniors in Form 2.

The teacher recognized as Mr. Nahshon evidently figured out that the students had strongly forcefully coerced their younger counterparts into executing their evening chores.

The whip marks on their backs were a true confirmation that they sincerely paid for their mistake.