KRG: Akothee Should Have Opened A Kiosk In The Village  -

KRG: Akothee Should Have Opened A Kiosk In The Village 

Dancehall artist KRG the Don has shared his thoughts on the ongoing conflict between Sports CAS Charles Njagua, also known as Jaguar, and musician Akothee.

The feud began when Jaguar claimed to be richer than Akothee, which sparked a fierce response from the mother of five. Akothee warned individuals with fewer than 3 million followers not to mention her name and ruthlessly slammed Jaguar, stating that she was not the measure of richness.

KRG, in an interview with content creators, expressed his opinion that Akothee should have stayed in her village if she did not want to be mentioned. He believes that once someone becomes a public figure, they must be prepared for any comments made about them.

KRG acknowledged that Akothee has the right to take legal action against anyone who speaks about her in a derogatory manner, but argued that being in the public eye requires resilience in the face of criticism.

“If Akothee said she didn’t want her name mentioned, I don’t know who she was referring to. If she didn’t want to be mentioned, she should have opened a kiosk in her village. Once you enter the public sphere, you’re in the fire. Anyone can say anything about you, and it will affect you unless they are speaking negatively about you, as that person who insulted me online. If someone talks about you in a way you don’t like, you can sue them. But once you’re in the public eye, you have no choice but to endure criticism,” KRG stated.