My husband married a second wife and left me to live with her

My name is Grace and a few years ago, my husband of six years came home and revealed to me that he was planning to marry a new second wife.

I did not understand why he had decided to bring another woman into our lives since we had lived together as a married couple in peace. I, however, decided to respect his decision and decided to welcome the second wife in good faith. frustrated mother rubbing her temples - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The second woman, Maryann was however not a good person. She always wanted my husband to throw me away so that she could remain with him all by herself. I tried making peace with her but it was all futile.

A month after she got married to my husband as a second wife, Mary managed to convince him to go live with her since our two houses were nearby. She came for my husband’s clothes and warned me that my days as a married woman to my husband were numbered.

“Let me tell you Grace, the same way our husband will now be sleeping in my house is the same way that I will convince him to leave you completely and recognize me only as his only wife,” my co-wife threatened.

I was so scared by her threats and though my husband always said he loved us both, I knew Maryann would poison my hubby against me and he would end up dumping me.

The battle lines had been drawn. I had to fight for the man I loved because though I would have accepted Maryann peacefully, she was not ready to live with me in peace. I began devising a way I could get my husband back and get Maryann going.

I tried talking to marriage counsellors but their advice was not helpful at all since they all wanted me to beat Maryann. I called my best friend that evening and informed her of my woes and how the second wife was being violent towards me and that is when she told me of Doctor Mugwenu who could help me make my husband love me alone and lose interest in the second woman. portrait of a senior woman holding a blanket at a community center - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

She told me Doctor Mugwenu was the only hope left to save my marriage. I therefore resorted to calling the traditional herbalist on +254 740637248 and we scheduled a meeting. After we met, Doctor Mugwenu assured me that I would get my husband’s full attention and love after his love spells where he disconnected my husband from the other lady.

He also gave me some herbs which he advised I put in my husband’s food so that he could come back to his senses.

A day after my husband ate dinner at my place which I had mixed with those herbs, he came back home and told me he does not want to be a polygamous man anymore. I could not believe my ears and I was so happy that I called Doctor Mugwenu to thank him.

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