Akothee Shows Unwavering Support For Her Daughter Amid Pregnancy Rumours 

Akothee delivered a powerful message to her youngest daughter, Fancy Makadia, in a heartwarming display of support amid swirling pregnancy rumors. Fancy, who resides in France, had been the subject of speculation regarding a potential pregnancy with her boyfriend. In response, she emphatically refuted these pregnancy rumors, asserting that she has never been pregnant and that there is no child she has entrusted to a nanny.

Fancy’s statement garnered considerable attention, prompting her mother, Akothee, to come forward in defense of her daughter. Akothee not only reassured Fancy but also offered some valuable life advice, reminding her that there’s nothing wrong with the choice to have children and encouraging her not to succumb to societal pressures in making her decisions.

In a heart-to-heart conversation, Akothee emphasized that she would always be there to support her daughter if she decides to become a mother. She stressed the importance of timing, letting Fancy know that she need not rush into parenthood. The key message was that, when the time is right, Akothee herself would take on the role of caregiver, ensuring that Fancy’s child would be in loving and capable hands.

Akothee’s profound words echo a message of maternal love and unwavering support, advocating for her daughter’s freedom to make choices about her own life without external interference.