“Nataka kudara kipara ya kibe”- Ssaru Finally Responds To Kibe’s Thirst On Her.

Popular musician, Sylvia Ssaru has responded to content creator, Andrew Kibe’s request to munch her.

Kibe had initially taken to his social to express his thirst on the gorgeous musician’s body.

In the viral video, Kibe is heard saying that he wishes to be Ssaru’s bedroom bully and would be readly available to quench his thirst if she agrees.

He noted that her body shape and beautiful face gives him sleepless nights fantasizing on how it would be if the two were left in a private room together.

Ssaru responding to Kibe said that she is also ready.

Kibe kwanza toa miwani tuangaliane face to face. Aladu nitadara hiyo kipara yako proper,”

Ssaru said.

Well, if the two will munch each other, only time and a huge exposee will tell.