My mother-in-law brought my husband another woman because I was barren

Any woman who has been barren knows the kind of pain a barren woman goes through. Your life becomes full of shame as no one respects you anymore. If you are unlucky to have a caring and understanding husband and mother-in-law your life becomes a living hell.

This was my story few years ago after I got married to my husband and I was unable to give him children. Unfortunately for me, both my husband and my mother-in-law were very mean to me and they were just pressuring me to have children or else my husband would marry another woman. shot of a young businesswoman frowning while using a laptop in a modern office - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

“Listen, if you do not conceive anytime soon, my son is going to dump you and leave you for another woman!” my mother-in-law threatened when she had come to visit us.

I was always in hospitals seeking medical help to see if the doctors could heal me of my situation. However, my husband started being very cold and disrespectful to me. He was always abusing me and calling me barren woman and saying he did not want me anymore. This always hurt me.

A year into marriage, I had not conceived. My mother in law made good her threat by bringing another woman in our home. She stormed into my house that evening holding that girl’s hand and told me she had come to bring my husband a real woman who would give my husband children.

“I told you to conceive, umekataa kabisa. Nimemletea kijana wangu mwanamke atakaye mazalia watoto na atakaye mfurahisha,” my mother-in-law said when she showed up with that lady.

Worst thing is, my husband did not defend me. He told his mother that he was grateful for bringing another woman onboard so he could get children as he had always wanted.

That night, the new woman went to sleep inside the bedroom with my husband and I was told to remain in the sitting room and sleep on the couch. I was so hurt because in the middle of the night, I heard them making love and that hurt me so much. I could not even sleep that night.

I called my older sister and told her how another woman had come to my house and took away my husband because I was infertile. She felt so bad for me and she asked me to visit Doctor Mugwenu who would cure my infertility problems and bring back my husband to me. phone call, argument and woman with conflict in the office talking annoyed or angry on a cellphone. upset, moody and professional african employee fighting with boyfriend on a smartphone in workplace - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

“Doctor Mugwenu helped my friend conceive the other day, let me send you his number so that you can contact him,” my sister told me.

In that late night, I called Doctor Mugwenu and he picked up. I was crying while telling him what was happening and he asked me to see him the next day so that he could help me. On meeting him the following day, the Doctor gave a concoction of herbs to drink and also cast a spell of chasing away that woman who had been brought to my house.

I was so happy for having met Doctor Mugwenu who also gave me wisdom-filled advice on how to keep my husband. The next morning, a day after meeting Doctor Mugwenu, I heard my husband shout at the other lady and told her to leave our house.

I was so happy and after she left my husband came to the living room where I was watching TV and he apologized to me for having another woman. We made love from that day and in a few weeks’ time, my pregnancy test came out positive.

My mother-in-law was very happy and she apologized for mistreating me earlier. I called Doctor Mugwenu and thanked him for his help. As I write this, I am a proud mother of one son and another baby is on the way.

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