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In the spotlight recently was Wamalwa, a middle-aged resident of Marakaru in Bungoma County. He gained widespread attention for his remarkable feat: devouring 2 kilograms of ugali and 1 kilogram of omena in just 35 minutes. This extraordinary eating performance unfolded annually in an open field during the tea plantation season, where spectators eagerly watched the contest.

Wamalwa emerged as the undisputed champion of this gastronomic competition, securing for himself a prize of free fertilizer and tree seeds for future planting endeavors. Wamalwa attributed his victory to his remarkable capacity for consuming large quantities of food, asserting that tackling such a substantial meal posed no significant challenge to him. This assertion left onlookers bewildered and amazed, as they marveled at his extraordinary culinary prowess. He even expressed his eagerness to participate in more eating contests, professing a genuine passion for this unique pastime.

Wamalwa’s achievement stands out as a testament to his exceptional eating abilities, as consuming such copious amounts of food demands a tremendous effort. However, Wamalwa appears to possess an innate talent for competitive eating, relishing the opportunity to partake in these events.