Meet Nairobi Man Making KSh10,000 Daily By Showing People Directions.

Nairobi, as the capital city of Kenya, has a reputation for attracting individuals from diverse backgrounds, drawn by the prospects of employment, business opportunities, and the chance to sustain a livelihood.

Research from the World Bank indicated that the unemployment rate in Kenya rose to 10% in 2021 and 2022, up from the 3% recorded when the Jubilee government assumed power in 2013.

In response to the escalating unemployment rates, particularly in Nairobi, Kenyan youths have innovatively devised means to generate daily income. For many residents, as well as visitors and foreigners, navigating through the myriad of avenues, buildings, and shops in the city becomes a challenging task.

Nairobi witnesses a continuous influx of new buildings and regular road construction and repairs, making it increasingly challenging for people to identify specific locations. Despite the city being viewed as the land of opportunities, the limited availability of jobs has led to fierce competition among the thousands of youths arriving daily, hoping to secure employment and forge a promising future.

Recognizing the scarcity of employment opportunities and the challenging economic climate, numerous Kenyans have resorted to exploring alternative and legitimate avenues for earning a living.

One such individual is Michael Mureithi, popularly known as Jopinto, who identified an opportunity to address the issue by offering directional guidance for a fee. Speaking to the media, Mureithi emphasized that providing directions to people in the city is his primary source of income.

He explained, “I have to do this job because it’s what earns me money. We have a sign indicating that asking for directions costs 100 shillings. We negotiate with the inquirer, and if they agree, we proceed; if not, we let them be.”

Mureithi revealed that more than 100 people seek directions to various destinations daily, and he charges between KSh 100 and 150 per person, depending on the specific location or service required.

Having observed the increasing instances of people getting lost in the city, Jopinto established his direction-giving enterprise. Despite the challenges of the job market and economic hardships, he and his team maintain professionalism, known and recognized by the police and other businesses in the area.

Calculations suggest that on a good day, Jopinto can earn up to Sh 10,000 or more, translating to at least Sh 300,000 monthly if he works every day of the week. This surpasses the earnings of many junior and middle-level employees in both the government and private sectors.

Given the high crime rate and prevalent scams in the city, residents often exhibit skepticism towards strangers in the streets. However, Jopinto assures that he and his team are reputable professionals, steering clear of any criminal activities.

Michael Mureithi and his team exemplify the creative approaches adopted by Kenyans to navigate the challenging economic conditions and secure a livelihood. Other noteworthy ventures embraced by young Kenyans include social media content creation, which gained momentum, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19, prompting companies to invest in digital resources.