You won’t believe what killed RAILA ODINGA’s number one supporter, SIR CHARLES NJONJO!

Hours later he was articulated dead by his personal doctor David Silverstein, details of what killed former Attorney General Charles Njonjo have been revealed to the public.

As indicated by his son in-law Carey Ngini, Njonjo succumbed to pneumonia after his lungs collapsed.

“Njonjo has been unwell for quite a while. He was battling one ailment to another despite his age.

“But this morning (Sunday) at around 5.15 am he breathed his last.

“It was actually as a result of pneumonia. His passing was peaceful as he was surrounded by his family members,” Ngini stated.

Minutes before his demise, Njonjo was upbeat on New Year’s Day and connected with his son in-law among other relatives in extensive discussions on a wide scope of topics.

During that time, he began showing some signs of weakness while speaking to the family but proceeded to sleep.

However, at around 5.15 am, Sunday, January 2, he began experiencing difficulties in breathing.

His PCP declared him dead a couple of moments later.

“On Saturday, we had some interesting conversations together. His memory was well but he showed some signs of weakness,” Ngini stated.

As indicated by Ngini, his passing was a quiet one, and took his last breath surrounded by his family members.