Mulamwah: Caroll Sonnie Dumped Me Because I Was A Multi-Millionaire Living In A Ghetto in A 9K Bedsitter

The compelling tale surrounding Caroll Sonnie and Mulamwah unfolds as an intriguing narrative. Invariably, whenever Mulamwah collaborates with Ruth K in a video, he inevitably delves into discussions about his past relationship and ex-girlfriend.

In a candid sit-down with Ruth K, Mulamwah recounted the journey that led him to Nairobi and explained the paradox of being a millionaire yet residing in a modest Ksh.9000 house in a particular ghetto along Outering Road.

The comedian shared that his life took a transformative turn after receiving his initial three months’ salary. With this income, he promptly upgraded from his initial abode to a more comfortable bedsitter.

Initially residing in the bedsitter, Mulamwah later moved to a one-bedroom apartment within the same building, experiencing an increase in rent from Ksh.6000 to Ksh.9000 per month.

During his conversation with Ruth K, Mulamwah revealed that despite earning up to Ksh.3 million monthly, he never considered leaving the ghetto. This choice, among other factors, became the cause of his breakup with Caroll. He clarified that while he provided for everything, including luxurious vacations and outings, his ex-girlfriend perceived him as stingy due to his continued residence in a cheaper house despite his celebrity status.