Betty Kyallo says she’s ready for second baby, claims she misses being pregnant

Kenyan media personality and entrepreneur, Betty Kyallo, recently expressed her readiness to have a second child. As a single mother, she believes it is time for her to take charge and try to conceive once again. Betty shared that she genuinely misses the experience of being pregnant and fondly reminisces about the feeling of a human kicking and moving inside her belly.

During a recent incident, Betty found herself in a confrontation with a female fan who criticized her parenting techniques. The disagreement arose when Betty posted a photo of herself wearing a revealing outfit while on vacation in Naivasha. A fan named Aalihya expressed disappointment, stating that Betty used to be her role model but no longer held that opinion. Aalihya questioned the example Betty was setting for her own child.

In response, Betty urged Aalihya to focus on her own child and not meddle in her parenting choices. She emphasized that her daughter is her responsibility, not anyone else’s, and encouraged the fan to prioritize her own family.

Betty and her ex-husband, Dennis Okari, co-parent their daughter together. However, this was not always the case, particularly after their divorce. Reflecting on their past experiences, Betty described the challenges of transitioning from a married couple living under one roof to separated parents. Co-parenting initially posed difficulties, but over time, they both recognized the importance of providing their daughter with the best possible upbringing.

Betty emphasized that their journey to successful co-parenting was not easy. They made a joint decision to prioritize their daughter’s well-being and show her immense love. This involved dividing their time and attending school functions together, creating the illusion that they were still a couple. Betty maintained that she and Dennis are good friends, and in situations where she is unable to pick up their daughter from school due to work commitments, she contacts him for assistance. She expressed frustration at how others often attempt to stir up conflict between them.

In summary, Betty Kyallo, a prominent figure in Kenyan media and business, has expressed her desire to have a second child. She has addressed criticism of her parenting choices, emphasizing that her daughter is her responsibility. Betty and her ex-husband, Dennis Okari, have embarked on a journey of successful co-parenting, prioritizing their daughter’s happiness and well-being. Despite the challenges they faced after their divorce, they have managed to establish a supportive and friendly relationship for the sake of their child.