Mugithi singer DJ FATXO on the spot after Samidoh’s Nephew dies in his House Under Unclear Circumstances

Samidoh’s family is grieving over the tragic death of their nephew, Jeff Mwathi, who allegedly jumped from the 10th floor of popular Kikuyu singer DJ Fatxo’s apartment. According to a report by Inooro TV, Jeff, who was contacted by DJ Fatxo for some interior decoration work, spent the day with the singer before they went drinking in four different clubs.

In the wee hours of the morning, the two men went to DJ Fatxo’s house in Safari Park Estate in the company of some women. CCTV footage showed that around 4 am, two men left the house and went down to the parking, and looked over. Fatxo’s cousin was also seen making a call, and then Jeff fell from the window. His body was reportedly found with his trousers past his knees.

While DJ Fatxo claimed that Jeff committed suicide, his family and friends insist that he was in good spirits and never showed any signs of being suicidal. They are seeking justice and a clear explanation of what happened.

The incident occurred on February 22nd, 2023, and Jeff’s family is still in tears over the loss of their loved one. May his soul rest in peace.