My Parents Are Okay With My 52 Year Old “SHOSH”  Wife, Guardian Angel Tell-Off Haters

Gospel superstar Guardian Angel has confirmed that his parents are perfectly fine with his marriage to Esther Musila, despite the significant age difference. In an interview on Ghetto Radios’ Brekko Show, Angel revealed that his parents accepted their relationship and were comfortable with it, despite online criticism regarding their age gap.

The couple, with a 20-year age difference, faced online bullying due to their relationship. Esther, aged 52, and Angel, aged 32, tied the knot last year.

Angel explained, “My parents have no issue with it. I’ve grown up on and off the streets, and those older folks say I lack accountability for this marriage. The accountability I owe them is to be a responsible member of society. Ultimately, it’s my life, and the elders won’t choose for me, especially in matters of marriage. They may advise, but the choice is mine.”

Meanwhile, Guardian Angel expressed that he has no regrets about being excommunicated from his previous church for marrying an older woman. He found another church that welcomed him with love, providing him with another place to worship.

He stated, “I had already embraced my faith before I ventured into singing and gospel music. I believe that a church is not just a building; even the Bible says that when two or more people come together, that constitutes a church. It doesn’t have to be a physical structure. Even when I left that church, I remained close to God. I found another church where I met a pastor who asked me if our relationship with Esther was serious after our wedding. He advised me to be serious and not play games with my wife. ‘Come, let us stay together,’ he said, ‘because when you own something, you will respect it. Marriage is a decision,’ he emphasized.”