I’m Waiting For The Perfect Man- 123-yr-Old Virgin Woman Reveals -

I’m Waiting For The Perfect Man- 123-yr-Old Virgin Woman Reveals

A 123- year-old woman, Theresa Nyirakajumba has revealed that she turned down many men in her youth because of the culture that forbids to see woman with men and allows women to be introduced by her family but her family never introduced her.

Theresa, who is still a virgin and never had sexual relations with a man all her life revealed that she was looking for the right man whom she would share a special connection with, but never found one.

When Theresa was ready to get married, age was no longer on her side as she claims she was already too old to attract the attention of men.

She said she might have had children if she had been sexually intimate with a man in her youthful days.

Theresa went ahead to state that she is still hopeful to find a male companion at 123 years of age because she is tired of living a lonely and boring life.

I never had a husband in my entire life. Yes of course i am still a virgin.. i would think of it during my era but i wont take myself to any husband.

“My name is Theresa Nyirakajumba. I have never seen the nakedness of a man. For 123 years, i live with an unfulfilled desire, a deviant hope and a courageous spirit of waiting that one day a man will emerge and embrace my soul.